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2021, A continuation of 2020.

So lucky to have my garden to think about even if it has been too wet and cold to enjoy it fully so far this year. In anticipation of being allowed out at some stage I have ordered so much plant material, most of which has arrived. Still awaiting Arisaema which may or may not be in the country yet.
In February the Arisaema started to arrive and during March 139 had arrived. The seed I had sowed in December is now, 1 April, started to germinate. 
Projects to look forward to:
Dutch Cottage, Primary School, Rayleigh Horticultural Society outside space, Little Havens Hospice and my Arisaema National Collection.
Here is a list of the seed I have bought this year which was on offer at £1 per pack from Thompson and Morgan. This is in addition to home grown collected seed, Fruit Trees, Perennials, Tree Lillies and all the plants I still have from yesteryear.
Sown in February
Hollyhock- Chater' double icicle
Amaranthus- Marvel Bronze
Delphinium Grandiflorum 'Summer Blues'
Agastache Aurantiaca- Apricot Sprite
Paulwownia Tomentosa
Knautia Macedonia
Thunbergia Laata- Superstar Orange
Francoa Sonchifolia- Pink Giant
Agastache- Fragrant Mixed
Nepeta- Nervosa Blue
Ipomea- Purpurea Kniola's Black Knight
Gazania Splendens- New Day
Begonia- Non-Stop mix
Dahlia Cocchinea- Mixed
Zinnia- Giant Double Mixed
Gailardia Grandiflora- Arizona Red Shades
Calceolaria- Hybrida Sunset Mixed
Calendula- Fiesta Gitana Mixed
Cosmos Bipinnatus- Cosimo Red and White
Clitoria- Butterfly Pea
Mina Lobata
ZInnia Elagans- Magellan Mixed
Cosmos Bippanatus Rubenza
My own Asclepias seed
Still to be sown
Helianthus Maxiliani
Pumpkin- Jack of All Trades
Cactus T&M Special Mixed
Nasturtium- Alaska Tip Top red
Plus all the other seed I have collected ie Canna
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