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Jenny's Lining Wall

At the beginning of June 2020, after much thought, I started to construct a living wall for Jenny. The picture to the right was taken on 8 June.
I had some spare polybicarbonate sheets so will use as a backing for the wall.


As you can I am using plastic containers. I have filled ice cream, butter  and other containers with compost. Drilled/cut wholes in them and taken sempervivem cuttings and placed them in the containers. Once they have taken root more will be added to the wall.
I have decided to use 2 pint milk bottles as fit perfectly as well as cut down fizzy drinks bottles to fill the remaining space.
In addition pieces of wood have been drilled with holes for over wintering insects live solitary bees. The back of the wall faces the morning sun so will heat up in the morning which the insects will love.
The bottom row I used an extra large drill bit to place sempervivems in. I am taking them out to water periodically so have placed a plastic lining under the pots to collect any water drops.
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