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This year 2018 I have grown Blue Giant, New Zealand Purple and Zanzibarensis. These are my favourites.

In previous years I have also grown Communis Impala, Carmencita Pink and Carmencita Red.

All from seed and mostly my own..

Blue Giant has a blue hue and blue and orange flower heads. It will grow to three to four feet.

New Zealand Purple is gorgeous and deep red with a slight green hue and will grow seven feet in a season. An absolute must if you want to grow Ricinus. See below which is approaching six feet. I have not yet been able to collect my own seed so buy in from JungleSeeds. Good germination rate.

Zanzibarensis is the biggest of all and in it's natural habitat will grow to twelve feet. Often grown as hedges. The leaves are very big. Here in Essex you will easily achieve six feet and eighteen inch wide leaves but you will need to get plant out by the end of May which I do.

Good germination rate from seed. Do not need heat to germinate but will do so faster if you apply some heat. Sow in January on a window seal where heat from a radiator will do the job.  Germination can take only five days or two to four weeks so be patient.

Somehow there are Ricinus popping up all over the place where I have not planted them nor accidentally dropped the seed.

Ricinus  Blue Giant Aug18.JPG
Blue Giant
Ricinus Zanzibarensis Aug18.JPG
Ricinus New Zealand Purple Aug18.JPG
Strange thing this year. Ricinus have been popping up all over my garden including in the back. The one below is growing in a crack. It looks like Carmencita Pink which I grew in 2017, so did the seed successfully overwinter.
New Zealand Purple. A new plant is grown in the same spot every year.
These pictures were taken at the beginning of October 2018. Zanzibarensis above and New Zealand Purple either side. The year was the first year I have been able to collect seed from the latter which was from a smaller plant than the one shown and in a pot. The plant shown will not unfortunately produce seed. Not sure why but the seed head looks good
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