Gazania Daybreak mix. Hardy
Coreopsis Early Sunrise. Hardy
Lantana Gold. Tender.
Helianthus Monarch. Hardy.
Amicia Zygomeris - The leaves close up together in the evening. It has yellow flowers and can grow to 7-8 feet. Hardy.
Gaillardia Mesa? The only one of the seeds sown to look like the one on the left. Easy to grow from seed and hardy.
Rudbeckia Goldsturm.
Gaillardia Arizona Sun.
Rudbeckia Triloba Prairie
Zephyranthes Rosea. Hardy.
Hosta Plantaginea - Scented. Just heavenly.
Bergonia Crackling Fire (red). Hardy.
Zinnia Profussion Orange
Heading 6
Tithonia ?, given to me. Clearly a sunflower of some sort.
Variegated Ribbon Grass
Asclepias Silky Gold. Tender
Lantana Gold
Zinnia Molatov. Can grow to 2 feet tall. An impressive plant.
Brugmansia Suaveolens has evening scent. About 4 years ago this plant had 36 flowers on it at one time.
Tigridia Pavonia above and below. Hardy and self seeds. Also called Peacock Tiger flower. 3 flowers per stem. One after the other.
Asclepias Silky Scarlet seeds. Same as Silky Gold and Tuberosa (hardy).
Rudbeckia Tomentosa Loofahsa Wheaten Gold. A rare one. Hardy. Aug18
Tree Peony Apr19. Hardy.