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Musella Lasiacarpa

Musa Sikkimensis Bengal Tiger ( opposite )

Musa Sikkimensis Gaj Giant

Each of the Bananas above are root hardy and grow in my garden. The winter of 2018 is the first time I did not provide any protection. The reason for this was two fold. Firstly to confirm their hardiness and second to see if they would form a clump of pups ( Banana offshoots ). I proved the question of hardiness with Bengal Tiger shown to the right in August 2018 with three to four months growth. All the other Bananas are growing pups but are growing much slower.

If you protect your Banana this will help preserve it's height for next year. So it will be taller than it was. If you do you will need a support as tall as the Banana, a mesh to surround it, straw to pack around it, fleece to cover it and a plastic bag to cover the top foot or so and string to secure the plastic bag. The plastic bag will protect the Banana from rain and stop it rotting. The fleece should be big enough to go down to the ground.

Musa Sikkimensis Bengal Tiger 8Aug18_edi
I also purchased 3 Bengal Tigers and 2 Musa Thomsoniis and thus far only 2 of the former are showing signs of life. Paid £5 each for them.
2020. The Bengal Tigers are growing in my front garden but slowly. The Thomsonii failed to grow. One is growing and is my greenhouse.
LEFT. Musa Sikkimensis April 2019 grown from seed. Sown in January. 
These were sold in 2019.
Musa Sikkimensis Bengal Tiger revealed for the first time this year, early April 2019.
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