Arisaema R - Z

A. Ringens
I purchased 3 Ringens from Edrom Nurseries and one had 3 fairly mature looking offsets. Before I read that an expert stated not to snap off offsets I went ahead and did it to the 3 on 4 February 2021. They also stated that it could take a season for the offset to adjust to life away from the parent. I left the offsets for a couple of days to callous over. I just checked the offsets on 27 March 2021. The one on the right was in moist vermiculite in a sealed bag, the ones below were placed in Humax compost. To my joy all 3 were growing. You can just see the shoots appearing in the centre of the pots.
Happy days.
Height: 60cm
Flower colour: Brown or green
Flowering period: Apr-May
Origin: Asia
Section: Pistillata
A. Serratum.
Arrived 8 March 2021
Height: 90cm
Flower colour: 
Flowering period: May- June
Origin: Japan
Section: Pistillata
A. Sikokianum
Height: 60cm
Flower colour: 
Flowering period: May - June
Picture taken 6 April 2021
Picture taken 11 April 2021
A. Serratum mayebarai
Arrived on 8 March 2021 and the photo on the right was taken on 6 April 2021.
Picture below was taken 11 April 2021.
A. Speciosum
A. Speciosum magnificum
A. Speciosum mirable
A. Thunbergii urashima
Arrived 8 March 2021.
You can easily see the offsets that will be ready to create new plants next season.
Height: 30- 60cm
Flower colour:  Brown
Flowering period: April
Section: Flagellarisaema
This picture was taken on 6 April 2021
Pictures taken 9 April 2021.
First flower of the season.
Pictures taken 11 April 2021
A. Tortuosm
A. Triphyllum
Height: 60cm
Flower colour:  Purple and green
Flowering period: Mar - June 
Origin: North America
Section: Pistillata
Picture above and to left were taken on 12 April 2021. Second species to flower.
Picture above taken 6 April 2021, left and below on 11 April ( below later in the day ).