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Short & Sassy

Sahin's Early Flowerer

Moerheims Beauty

Helena Red

Autumnale 'Sunshine Hybrid'

Just amazing plants. Hardy, colourful and reliable flowerers. From yellow through orange to red. The bees love them. They provide colour from June to the first frosts.

Salsa, Sombrero and Fuego are new to my garden for 2018 but the others have been here for four years.

There is not much that can go wrong with them except prolonged drought like the heat wave we have had this summer 2018. Some fair better than others.

Short & Sassy is showing opposite.

Heleniums are easy to propagate by division. Still collecting seed but no joy yet.

By August the Heleniums will be on their second burst of colour. The first waive starts early June. Do not forget to deadhead.

I did buy Autumnale 'Sunshine Hybrids seed from Thompson & Morgan January 2018 which had a good germination rate.

Sahin's Early Flowerer Aug18 after the deadheading. Grows four to five feet high.
Helenium Short & Sassy 8Aug18.jpg
Short & Sassy Aug18
Helenium Sombrero.JPG
Helenium Salsa.JPG
Helenium Fuego.JPG
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