Arisaema A - G

A. Candidissimum pink

This one arrived from in 2016. Today 28Mar21 I discovered 3 tublets had completely separated from the parent which I have potted on.

A. Consanguineum

This arrived on 8 March 2021

These pics were taken on 14 March 2021. I have this Arisaema for a number of years. Not sure why it has decided to be this well advanced but who is complaining.

There is a second leaf unfurling.

The shoot emerged sometime in January. One very odd thing happened to this Arisaema. I must have disgarded it somehow and in 2018 I found it growing, without initially knowing what it was, in a very large pot in 6" of water with no soil. It was about 12" tall. Everything I read about Arisaema is they need good drainage to avoid rotting and there this one was happy as Larry. I wish I had taken a photo.

This Arisaema does not mind a bit of light which is why it has done so well in our conservatory
These were taken 21 March 2021. It is now 60cm tall, growing in Humax compost with no vermiculite or grit added. The tallest it has been. 
Picture taken 28Mar21 with a 3rd leaf unfolding. It is not hanging about.

Picture taken 31Mar21

A. Concinnum

A Costatum

A. Flavum
Above seedling, you can just see it, germinated 8 April 21. It was sown on 18 December 21 outside.
Left is a seedling kept in a heated greenhouse and it germinated on 31 March 21
Arisaema seeds have a germination suppressant on them so it does not matter when you sow them they will germinate when they ready in the spring.
The tray to the left has 60 seed sown on 18 December and started to germinate on 31 March 21 in a heated greenhouse. On 11 April there are 24 seedlings plus 2 others in another tray. In an outside tray shown above there were 2 germinating on 8 April slightly behind the ones in the heated greenhouse.
The above arrived on 17 March 2021 and on the left was taken 2 April 2021.
A. Intermedium
A. Kiushianum
Picture on left taken 6 April 2021 and below  and right on 11 April 2021.
A. Leschenaultii
A. Lichiangense
A. Nepenthoides