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The Seasons

Do not forget to look after those potted plants that are deciduous, perennial,  or evergreen. If the water in the pots freeze then the plants cannot access the water.  They may also not like getting to dry.
Depending on the plant you may want to think about some form of protection.
Check the plants in your greenhouse regularly especially if heated as the pots will dry out and bugs will thrive.
Start to think about next year.
The time for renewal. Turn your plans into reality.
My garden never looks good over winter and early spring as these pictures show. These were taken in March 2019.
Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Look for any seed that might be available to store away. Keep them dry and beware any mold if you keep the seed pods.
Remember to dead head regularly to keep
Keep an eye on the weather forecast.  Be prepared to protect plants that need protecting and lift tender plants if you have a place to overwinter them.
Collect the last of the seed that you want to keep for next year.
A lot of plants die due to wet/water logged conditions rather than the cold.
Plants like Dahlias and Begonias can comfortably survive our winters if kept quite dry. Begonias can be left outside under cover. I have several Dahlias that I leave in the ground. Also in wall baskets that I leave on the wall that are protected by the eaves.
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