Plants available 2020

If you are a front line worker in the NHS or a Little Havens Hospice employee then you can have 3 main plants free and a selection of what others are available. This will be for the first 20 people that request them on a first come first serve basis. I will then see what is left and assess if I can offer any more. 7 have already taken advantage of this offer. No response yet from Southend Hospital Wellbeing Team to my offer is on their website.
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30 May 2020. Karen, the first to reply and be here,  from Little Havens Hospice. She left with a
Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Canna Society Belle, Colocasia Esculenta, Helenium Helena Red, 3 Asclepias Silky Scarlets, Canterbury Bell, Lysimachia Fire Cracker, Gazania, Dahlia, Hosta, Crosmosia, Tigridia Povonia and a Fuschia Fairy Blue.
31 May. Debbie(little Havens) had a Canna Ra, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, 6 Lobelia, 9 Stock, 3 Asclepias Tuberosa, Asclepias Silky Scarlet, Cautleya Spicata, Hosta, Hemerocalis Luxury Lace and 3 Tomatoes.
1 June. Tracy(Little Havens) had a Canna Perkeo , Canna Firebird, Gaillardia, Day Lilly Luxury Lace and a Tigridia Povonia.
1 June. Rachel(Little Havens) had a Rudbeckia Goldsturm, 3 Lobelia, Canna Perkeo, Helenium Helena Red, Aquilegia Tequila Sunrise, Liatris Spicata, Hibiscus Blue Chiffon, 2 Asclepias Silky Scarlets, 2 Asclepias Tuberosas, 2 Verbena Bonariensis, 8 Onions and a Courgette.
7 June. Lauran(Little Havens) had a Canna Perkeo, 2 Tomatoes, Asclepias Silky Scarlet, 3 Asceplias Tuberosa, Onions, Beetroots, Persciacria Superb, Cautleya Spicata, Helenium, Hosta, Gazania, 3 Verbena Bonariensis, Aquilegia Tequila Sunrise and a Gaillardia.
10 June I gave to Paula at Little Havens, a Helianthus Monarch, Dahlai Bishop of LLandaff and 4 Dahlia Mignons.
12 June. I am putting a collection plants together for Sophie, a doctor at Basildon Hosp, Canna Ra, Canna Perkeo, Canna Stuttgart, Hedychium Desiflorum, Hedychium Greenii, Hibiscus Blue Chiffon,and 3 Asclepias Silky Scarlets so far. These have been delivered to her mum.
Aug via her mum. Sophie is delighted with her plants.
The plants that are available 10 May 2020 are:
Canna (23
)- Including Ra, Bethany, Perkeo, Firebird, Black Knight. I leave mine out over winter.
Ginger - Cautleya Spicata ( 6 ) Hardy
Foxglove (0)- Toxic
Hibiscus (1)- Blue Chiffon Hardy
Crosmosia ( 5 ) Hardy
Asclepias - Silky Scarlet ( 6 )- tender?
Asclepias Tuberosa Hardy. Just potted on
Colocasia Esculenta ( 5 ). Treat as tender
Centranthus - White (0) and Red (0)
Lillies (0) various. coming into flower now.     (Not good for cats).
Stock (0 ). Self seeds
Gladioli (0 )- White
Alstroemeria (3). Hardy
Nerium Oleander ( 0 ) Toxic. Hardy
Tigridia Pavonia ( just germinating )
Hosta ( 3 ) Hardy
Persicaria Red Dragon (5). Hardy
Persicaria Suberba (0 ). Hardy
Lobelia Queen Victoria (2). Hardy
Lobelia trailing (0). Self seeds
Hemerocallis- Luxury Lace (1). Hardy
Hemerocallis - (3) various. Prob Berti Ferris
Helianthus Monarch (0) Hardy Sunflower
Rudbeckia Goldsturm (3)
Courgette (0)
Verbena Bonariensis (1)
I can supply some Ricinus but be aware that every part of the plant is toxic.


21 June. Sold for £30 the following:
Cannas Stuttgart, Pretoria and Bethany. Along with Fuschia Procumbens, Heleniums Helena Red, Orange and Yellow. Also Oloe Spicata, Helianthus Monarch, Cautleya Spicata, Day Lilly and Cordyline growing together in one pot.. Will provide cuttings of 3 Delosperma and Nerium Oleander.